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We all long to be at Home, where we belong. And our Homes tell our story, who we are and what defines us.

From the design of our furniture to the colour of our kitchen cabinets, from the carpet in our living room to the art work hanging on our walls, even the coffee mug we use in the morning to start the day – all are essentially building blocks that helps us craft that story.

But making a House into Home, keeping it that way and enhancing its charm is not an easy task. It requires immense amount of legwork and research to roam the markets and accessorise the products that fits in with perfection and precession that your Home deserves. We at FurnishUrFloor put continuous effort to bring to you all the products and services you need for your Home, to keep it YOUR Home. From Furnishings to Bathroom-fittings, from Décor to Kitchen-fittings to electronic fittings, we bring it all to you at just a click. A virtual shop for all your plumbing, electrical and carpenter related products and services. Our team of expert craftsman are always available at your fingertips, to help you finish the job. We are one stop shop that delivers the convenience and comfort you deserve for your home, right from your home.

Essentially we try to play a small role in your Story….We help you craft your Story….that your home tells about you.